I knew what I was in store for as I watched my mother’s hair become thinner and thinner as she aged.  While I brushed it aside for years, eventually it was time to face the facts: my hair on the top of my head was getting thinner every year.

I tried shake powders, brush powders and back-combing: investigated hairpieces, artificial and real, but none of those seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.

When I saw some advertisements for Allusions, I thought there must be some catch–some reason why whatever they do, will not work with my busy schedule, hair color, or varying hairstyles.

Nevertheless, I made that appointment and I am so excited about my thicker head of hair!

Allusions had the answer that really works for me!  Micro Point Links make me feel like a new person!  The staff is professional, yet sensitive to individual needs.  I schedule my appointments when it’s convenient for me. The technicians are competent and quick and their central location makes it convenient for me to make appointments when I know I’ll be in the area.

The product is outstanding!  Even my hairdresser tells me she cannot see where or how my Micro Point Links are attached.  She is so impressed she is even recommending Allusions to her clients with similar needs.

There is no special care required when I wash or dry my hair.  It takes curl or blows dry just like the rest of my hair and completely blends in with my own hair.  I feel comfortable and confident that I look my best!

Thank you Allusions for coming to my rescue!

Susan Rust