Moroccan Oil is a product getting a lot of buzz these days. It is everywhere – on TV, online, on celebrities – and yes, at the Allusions Salon. What is it about this organic oil derived from the kernels of the argan tree that make it so popular?

Moroccan Oil contains large amounts of Vitamin E and fatty acids which have great moisturizing qualities.

Moroccan Oil for Hair Health
While it does not actually cause new hairs to grow like some other products do, it helps promote healthy hair and scalp and can boost the cells that produce healthy hair. As part of a complete hair regrowth strategy, Moroccan Oil can play an important role. First, be sure to remove dead skin cells, sebum and other debris from the scalp by using an exfoliating shampoo. Our stylists can help you find the right product for your needs. Once these barriers are removed from the scalp, the Moroccan Oil can penetrate easily and work its magic. Just a few treatments a week can give you stunning results.

Moroccan oil can also repair damaged hair and split ends and reverse the harm done by chemical treatments on hair.

Moroccan Oil as a Styling Agent
In order not to weigh fine or thinning hair down, you must use Moroccan Oil sparingly. By sparingly, we are talking about one drop sprayed into your hands. (Did we mention sparingly?) Gently massage into your scalp and lightly rub through to the ends of your hair. The result? Healthy, shiny, frizz-free hair that is soft to the touch. Who doesn’t want that?

Now you know why it’s so popular. Have you tried it?