The search for a treatment that can reverse hair loss has continued for centuries. Temporary solutions don’t feel the same as growing natural hair; this common issue can strain anyone’s confidence and often becomes a source of stress and shame. The latest non-surgical technology has made hair regrowth possible for men and women suffering from hair loss, thinning, baldness, or other scalp-related issues. Results have been promising in a wide variety of clients, often exceeding expectations, yet many people are hesitant to invest their time and money into this treatment.  So what are some myths about laser hair therapy?

The concept of laser hair therapy can seem intimidating at first glance. We often attribute lasers to danger thanks to science-fiction.

Pain, discomfort, and effectiveness seem to be the most common worries among potential clients. Because this technique is still new and advancing, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the process and how exactly it affects the scalp.

We are here to reveal the simple truth behind laser hair therapy and why it works.

Myth: Laser hair therapy is painful

Most hair loss solutions involve at least a little bit of stress on the scalp from either injection, hair tying, or surgery. In comparison, laser hair therapy is regarded as the least invasive procedure and is entirely painless. A client simply sits with their head beneath a device that delivers low-level laser light directly to the problem areas on their scalp. The client will feel nothing, not even heat, throughout the entire process. These lasers stimulate blood flow throughout the scalp, leading to the stimulation of hair follicles to grow new, healthier hair. After the treatment, the client is free to go about their day as per usual. No aftercare is necessary.

Myth: Your hair will grow back poorly

Hair loss treatments always have a better chance of regrowing hair at the soonest sign of a scalp issue. Waiting until baldness is widespread means a much longer wait for noticeable results. However, this does not mean that laser hair therapy is ineffective against large bald areas. The treatment can essentially help inactive hair follicles “wake up” even after years of no new growth. After just a few weeks of consistent therapy, most clients start seeing positive results. Depending on the scalp issue, it might take longer for other people to see results. Continued treatment has shown that laser hair therapy can even repair hair follicles damaged by salon chemicals. Many clients also note that the new hair is softer, shinier, and less prone to breakage.

Myth: Hair loss cannot be reversed

This hair regrowth technology is still very new to the public; therefore, no studies exist of lasting effects or longevity. Laser hair therapy has so far shown us that hair follicles can be repaired even late in life, healing damage and stopping the progression of hair loss in eighty-five percent of clients.

Allusions experts take special consideration of the individual’s scalp to provide the best possible experience and results. Before treatments start, we perform a  complete scalp and hair evaluation and carry out a customized therapy program.  So don’t worry about these absurd myths about laser hair therapy, and schedule your FREE consultation today with our trained and knowledgeable experts.