For many wig-wearing beginners, there are concerns to deal with before actually taking the time to try one out. Justifying the money spent on these types of products can be difficult if you are not well informed, but wigs are often life-changing for people who need them to be confident in their own skin.

While wigs or hair extensions can be expensive, you are usually paying for high quality that will make you feel natural and defy all doubts that you may have had beforehand. Unfortunately, misinformation is found everywhere and can ruin one’s hopes for wearing a wig. Experience is the only way to find out for yourself. Wigs are and should be different for everyone; you simply need the correct information. Here are some common myths about wigs, broken down and busted, so you can feel more comfortable making the best decision.

Wigs are not versatile enough.

In some cases, people with uncooperative natural hair use wigs for the sole purpose of having more versatility! It all comes down to how you want to use your wig. Human hair wigs are easy to style with standard heat tools which you can easily dye to change color based on your needs. If you are looking for something that has a style you never need to change, consider a synthetic wig. Made with different textures and colors that won’t wear away over time, you can wear it whenever a specific style is needed. There are a wide variety of both synthetic and natural hair wigs to suit anyone’s lifestyle.

Wigs are unhealthy and uncomfortable in the heat.

The summer heat can be unbearable for those who wear stuffy, thick wigs. The hair and cap worn can act as an insulator and can trap warmth close to the scalp, making for an itchy, suffocating season. This is where it all comes down to the type of wig you wear. There are also preventative measures one can take to feel comfortable no matter the weather. Wig caps are often the cause of heat-trapping, but some are built to increase airflow and wick away sweat by using a material that allows for ventilation. For example, bamboo fiber wig caps are often worn beneath the wig to prevent sweat and help heat escape. It is essential to be selective when wearing wigs in the summer, and it might be smart to collect a set specifically for these hot months. There is a large selection of caps and wigs that can help you stay cool and safe.

It will be obvious that I am wearing a wig.

Modern wigs are made for confident everyday use, meaning they have specific characteristics that make them look much more realistic and help them sit naturally on your head. Sizing is a critical factor here. You should measure your head according to the directions of the wig’s brand and choose your size based on this to get the best fit. The hairline is a common indicator of wearing false hair. Luckily there are wigs, specifically lace-front wigs made to blend seamlessly with your skin and conceal the gap between your scalp and the wig’s front.