For many women, loss of hair whether full or partial can be an upsetting and even traumatic experience. Being one of the most immediately recognizable features, hair can play an essential role not only in how many people project themselves to others but also how they view themselves and their overall self-image.

You should know that if you are suffering from hair loss, you are not alone. At least 40% of hair loss cases are women, which is about 90 million cases. Over 50% of these cases are genetic while the others are age or illness related.

While we offer other therapies and options for hair loss, wigs are an excellent option for instant results and these days they look more natural than ever.

Choosing a wig can also be fun and easy. Maybe you want a style similar to what others are used to seeing on you, or maybe you want to try that look you have always wanted, but your real hair just wouldn’t let you have. Wigs can also be colored and styled so your look will be unique to you.

One decision you should be prepared to make is whether you want human hair or synthetic. While both can look real, Human hair looks and feels the most natural, but requires the most maintenance and is the more expensive of the choices. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Human Hair

Human Hair has natural sheen and texture, more color dimension and feels like natural hair. (because it is) Since it is real hair, it can be styled using a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron and can be professionally color treated. This is great for those who like to style their hair daily and draining for those who don’t. Human hair is also noticeably more expensive, but many women find it to be well worth the extra cost.

Synthetic Hair

How natural a synthetic hair wig looks depends significantly on quality. Lower quality wigs will look like the hair on a baby doll as it tends to be more course and the sheen may look unnatural. If you’ve ever seen cheap costume wigs, you will know to what we are referring.

Higher quality synthetic hair wigs can look more natural but usually come with too much hair requiring a stylist to cut and thin it out. Once the stylist finishes, the style will be permanent. This is great for those who hate doing their hair daily but doesn’t lend itself to much variety, so if you’re one who becomes bored with the same look over time, synthetic hair may not be for you.

It’s About You

Looking great often does wonders for our self-esteem and outlook on life. Whatever the reason for your hair loss, a natural looking wig can help you continue being comfortable and feeling like your old self or you can try something new and go for that look you’ve always wanted.