It comes as no surprise that the latest hair trends are constantly in motion. As we wrap up another year, make our 2016 resolutions, and promise to commit to them, 365 days of hair trends are in full swing.  There were many hair trends that defined 2015. (Granny hair, pastel hair, ombre and sombre color)  It will definitely be interesting to see what 2016 has in store.

According to several hair industry experts, celeb stylists, brand founders and salon owners, predictions for the New Year are quite exciting. Textures, shapes and color are likely to be huge, but, major length takes the cake.  After all, who doesn’t love long, beautiful flowing tresses? It definitely doesn’t sound like a bad forecast for follicles.

Unfortunately, sometimes those Victoria Secret model tresses aren’t so easy to come by.  Perhaps your hair is shiny and strong, but lacking in length. Or, maybe over processed, dull and dehydrated.  For many, thinning hair and unexplained hair loss play a big role on the list of hair woes.  Heredity is a major factor in hair loss, but treatment can deliver good results when started at the first signs of unwanted hair loss.

 At Allusion’s we strive to find the best hair loss and thinning hair solutions based on your individual needs and desires.  Sometimes it’s more hair that you want.  Sometimes, a chance to restore the hair that you have.  Sometimes, both.  Or maybe you want answers to long awaited hair loss questions. Whatever your need, our compassionate team of skilled hair professionals are ready to welcome you to your new hair home.

Not only do we offer extension services, we also have a beautiful variety of both human and synthetic hair wigs and hair pieces.  We can also help you keep the hair you have or even help revitalize dull, aging and over-processed hair.

Call us today to set up a complimentary consultation. We can answer all of your questions, and offer some fantastic solutions for any hair or hair loss issues. 

Bring in 2016 with fabulous new hair, and a confident new you, one who’s ready for life’s runway!

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