How men’s hair systems are different than they used to be

Searching for a non-surgical approach to hair replacement has become more common throughout the decades of dealing with hair loss. In the past, wigs for men were both unpopular and uncomfortable. Our hair systems were far from the advanced options that are now readily available to the public. Most men a few decades ago would have preferred baldness over a poorly fitting toupee that did not blend naturally with their hairline or skin. Our modern hair systems have improved significantly, allowing men of all ages to wear something that suits their personal needs from comfort to style.

What is a hair system?

A hair system is a hair replacement membrane made from a material such as lace or mesh to fit over the scalp seamlessly. Human or synthetic hair is handwoven into the membrane in a realistic pattern. It creates the perfect density or texture needed to match the wearer.

In the past, men’s hair systems were made with a polymer membrane. This rubber-like material was supposed to mimic the appearance of skin. This design was mostly focused on the durability of the hairpiece, much less the wearer’s comfort. Overheating and sweat are the results of wearing it for extended periods due to the lack of airflow through such a restrictive material. Imagine wearing a shirt made of plastic, but even worse because it is covered in hair.

Hair systems made of polymers are still produced today, but not at such a high cost of comfort. A more popular option is a membrane made from mesh or lace. It is a much more breathable material that also allows for the blending of your natural hair with the hairpiece. While this option can be more expensive, it looks more realistic and is undoubtedly comfortable in comparison. The thin membrane can be cut to match your hairline and seamlessly blend into your scalp.

Why are modern hair systems considerably more popular?

A lack of comfort is not the only reason men of the past have been unwilling to wear a hairpiece. Feeling confident with your naturally grown hair is a feeling that everyone chases, especially those whose age or health has caused issues with growth. Even when options to cover baldness with replacement hair were widely available, many men would instead choose to live with damaged self-esteem than something that was visibly “fake.”

Modern solutions are focused on providing this boost of confidence needed to feel emotionally comfortable with your hair replacement. These hyper-realistic textures and colors are meant to match and individual’s hair and to create the illusion of a full head of hair. No man deserves to lose confidence in their looks due to extremely common problems like male pattern baldness. Hair systems are made to conceal anything from patches to complete hair loss using innovative methods. This is why your hair replacement is handwoven and made to last, you deserve to feel confident regardless of hair loss.