Platelet-rich plasma injection sounds like a science-based hair loss treatment from the future. It uses a patient’s own blood to stimulate growth in specific areas of the scalp. This method of hair loss treatment is possible because of the growth factors within the plasma of one’s blood. Typically consisting of platelets and white blood cells, Plasma is capable of stimulating function in the hair follicles of the scalp once injected. While this sounds more like a gory fad of the 21st century, the process is sterile, methodical, and relatively painless. If you are considering the platelet-rich plasma injection procedure to revitalize your scalp, we broke down the procedure below to put your mind at ease.

The Procedure

Rather than a salon-like environment, you will be visiting a pristine office meant for a procedure like yours to maintain sterile conditions. In a standard blood-drawing fashion, a needle will be inserted into the arm to collect less than 2 ounces. Afterward, this blood goes into a centrifuge, a machine specialized in spinning the vials of blood rapidly until the plasma is separated. This plasma, rich in platelets and growth factors, is collected then injected at approximately every half-inch of the scalp area that requires treatment. The injection goes just below the scalp’s surface at the follicle level; this process is the most meticulous to ensure the most effective results.

The white blood cells and platelets for hair loss treatment are optimal because of their ability to send chemical messages to the targeted hair follicles and skin cells, ordering them to carry out their functions and promote new growth if they have ceased growing or maintaining hair.

 Again, while this technique sounds futuristic, the concept is not new! Doctors have used this process to treat many other age-related issues such as arthritis for years now.

Post Procedure

The process is complete after about half an hour, depending on the amount of scalp that requires treatment. Not only is this procedure fast, but it is also relatively painless and often, no numbing is needed beforehand. At most, a cold compress and regular pain killers will be required. Bruising in the treated area is common and should be handled gently for the next few days. Warm showers are encouraged in the following days to stimulate blood flow and to keep the area free from bacteria or possible infection. It is also important to note that you should avoid chemicals or hair products until the scalp is done healing, as these things could irritate skin and damage it, this also means that any rough handling or styling should wait as well.

The key to the platelet-rich plasma injection treatment is consistency. The procedure should be undertaken about once a month for three months, then reduced to once every three months to half a year. As this treatment is very personal and depends entirely on how the individual’s body reacts, the frequency can be increased or reduced. You’ll likely see new growth as early as three months if the treatments are consistent.

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