Ponytails can be fun, whimsical and youthful. But they can also be sleek, elegant and utterly classic. Ancient Greeks wore them. Jeannie wore it on TV and countless women and men (have you seen our founding fathers?) have donned a ponytail.

The term ponytail, first coined in 1951, is so named for its similarity to a horse’s thick, beautiful tail. It remains a go-to style and source of creativity for hairstylists.

Don’t think you have enough hair for the ponytail? No problem. This year, the extension ponytail is trendier than ever and can give you a head-turning holiday look.

Hair extensions can also help those dealing with thinning hair achieve a lengthier, fuller look without damaging your own hair. We carry two types – Ultratress II and UltraStrands.

Ultratress II extensions are completely made from human hair. They are pre-bonded fusion strips, which means your stylist will use a hair glue to attach the extensions. These bonded hair extensions last for approximately three weeks before maintenance is needed.

UltraStrands hair extensions are handmade using 100 percent human hair and are available in 30 colors. UltraStrands Extensions use a hot fusion method that provides a seamless transition when blended and styled into your own hair. Stylists will use hair glue to attach the hair extensions to individual strands of hair, which creates a very natural look.

For something quicker, but equally glamorous, we’ve got clip-on comb versions and bun drawstrings.

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Will you try a ponytail this season?