After another incredibly productive training session with Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories.  I sat down with one of our own hair loss specialists, Mary Jo Phillips, who has over 15 years of experience working in hair the replacement industry, and who also wears a hairpiece to enhance her look.

When did you start wearing hair and why?

About six years ago I decided it was time to find a more permanent solution for my hair loss.

What type of hair systems have you worn in the past?

When I first started wearing hair, my hairpiece was an integration with Asian hair and most recently before making the switch to Cesare Ragazzi I was wearing a graft with European hair.

When did you make the switch to Cesare Ragazzi?

Allusions was first introduced to Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories in August 2013, and after reviewing their procedures, technologies and the swatches of their virgin european hair, I decided to test drive their product in November 2013.

Do you notice any differences with your hairpiece from Cesare Ragazzi compared to other hairpieces you have worn?

My hairpiece from Cesare Ragazzi is the best I have ever had!  Their hair is most similar to my own hair.  It is virgin hair with no previous chemical services done to it.  Their hair has also maintained it’s softness and has shown no signs of wear over the past six months.  The natural curl appears is undetectable and matches my own curl pattern identically.  This hairpiece also has great shine and never looks dry.  Furthermore, there is no noticeable edge whatsoever and you can’t detect the piece when it is adhered to my head.

As an experienced technician, what differences have you noticed with Cesare Ragazzi’s hair?

Honestly, it’s the easiest hair to handle.  It doesn’t require extra time to dry because the hair does not retain extra moisture because it has never been chemically processed.

Would you recommend Cesare Ragazzi to your clients?

Absolutely! I would recommend Cesare Ragazzi to anyone who has thinning hair or hair loss, and looking for the ultimate hair in hair replacement.

How does the price of Cesare Ragazzi’s premiere hair compare to your other hair replacement techniques?

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories offers premium hair technology, and as a hair loss specialist, I believe it the best in the industry, but it’s value is also reflected in price.