Our bodies are unique, one of a kind. The same can be said for all of your needs, your preferences, and your personal style. For those living with hair loss or thinning hair due to any number of reasons, confidence can be challenging to build thanks to the restraints these challenges can put on your ability to happily be yourself.

There are options out there, made to fill in that gap, and give you the hair you deserve to feel comfortable in—none so personal, however, as Private Issue wigs. If you are suffering from age-related hair loss, alopecia, or an illness that leads to the loss of hair or hair thinning, you deserve to have options that are specific to your needs and style.

Custom made for comfort

Other hair replacement options can place restrictions on your life. Particularly strenuous activities and heat can make wearing some wigs an unbearable experience. Private Issue eliminates these restrictions thanks to the super lightweight cap that is hand-tied to ensure a perfectly secure and comfortable fit.

Your lifestyle also plays a factor when designing a Private Issue wig. Crafted to your specifications and styled by a professional to your liking, everything from texture to sizing is uniquely yours. Your Private Issue wig will be one of a kind and will enable you to take on any experience in life with the confidence to be yourself.

High Tech Materials

There is still one thing about Private Issue wigs that sets them apart from the rest, a material that makes activities such as swimming, showering, and withstanding any climate possible.

Cyberhair is a modern hair replacement innovation made with those living active lifestyles in mind. It has all of the positive characteristics of human hair, like the ability to return to its original texture and style after any kind of activity, even swimming.

While human hair wigs are a great option, Private Issue wigs made with Cyberhair last longer and keep your scalp cooler in the heat. It has double the lifespan of human hair and is more heat resistant and durable. You won’t need to shy away from activities that may cause a strain on other wigs.

Private Issue is made for your individual needs and lifestyle, making it one of the most personal and resilient options. What makes this Cyberhair material most impressive is its water resistance. It dries quickly back into its original style and texture because it is incredibly lightweight, allowing you to sweat, swim, and shower without worry. Your Private Issue wig will allow you to live comfortably without changing your lifestyle and focus on the things that are uniquely important to you.