At Allusions, we’re not just in the business of providing hair loss solutions – we’re in the business of transforming lives. Our clients’ stories are a testament to the impact our solutions have on their confidence, self-esteem, and overall well-being. We invite you to dive into the real stories and remarkable transformations of individuals who have walked through our doors and experienced the Allusions difference!


Real Stories, Real Transformations: Allusions Client TestimonialsReal Stories, Real Transformations: Allusions Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial 1: Todd’s Impressive Hairpiece Journey

“My hairpiece appointment went great. Sarah was wonderful again. She is kind, patient, knowledgeable, and understanding. Allusions are fortunate to have her” (see the before and after photos to the right!) 

-Todd Schilds, Allusions Client, May 2023.

Client Testimonial 2: Kimberly’s Personalized Hair Topper Transformation

“Would HIGHLY recommend Sarah! Have two hair toppers and the newer one I could never get to look and feel the same as my older one. Once I started seeing Sarah and explained my concerns, she suggested changing out the clips, which has made a huge difference. She also o suggested changing where the part in the hairline was, the color, as well as the shape around my face. Because of this, it’s my favorite hair topper! Her taking the time and effort to patiently work with me and ask ME what was ok to do made me feel special during such a stressful time. Sarah is so patient and makes you feel so comfortable while with her, almost like a close friend. Thank you Allusions for all your hard work and for taking such good care of me!”

-Kimberly Lynn, Allusions client, July 2023.  

Client Testimonial 3: Eileen’s Empowering Consultation Experience

“Every minute I was there, it was an excellent experience. Greeted nicely and was a welcoming environment. I was getting a consultation for the hair loss I will experience during chemo. Courtney made me feel heard and respected. She answered all our questions. She was super friendly, making me feel relaxed even though I walked in super stressed. We left feeling more than ok (fantastic!) about my selection. Courtney and the staff were very considerate. I will definitely be recommending to anyone who may need these services.”

– Eileen Gorman, Allusions Client, January 2023. 

Client Testimonial 4: Joy’s Joyous Meeting 

“Beckie made my experience so easy she was so lovely and so friendly. Made me feel as if she has known me forever”

-Joy Durbin, Allusion Client, July 2023. 


At Allusions, we’re honored to be part of these incredible transformations. Read all of our other Google reviews here!! Our client testimonials are not just about hair – they’re about reclaiming confidence, embracing self-esteem, and regaining a sense of normalcy. These real stories of real people remind us why we’re passionate about what we do – because every transformed life is a victory! If you are around the Cincinnati area, contact us today!