Hair Loss FAQ

We know you have a lot of questions. We’ve compiled a list of hair loss FAQs to help you understand why you may be experiencing hair loss or thinning hair; and what you can do about it.

Do you work with people who have thin hair?

Yes, we help men and women who have thin hair restore its strength while improving its volume and fullness. In fact, we encourage people to contact us when they first become concerned about thinning hair, rather than wait until it becomes noticeable hair loss. We see time and time again that the earlier you begin treatments, the sooner (and even more likely) you will get the results you desire.

Do you work with people who have alopecia or trichotillomania?

Yes. In fact, we have members of our team who have personally dealt with these issues and can help give you the support you need. Learn more about alopecia and trichotillomania.

What is a consultation?

A consultation is a complimentary, no obligation informational meeting with one of our hair loss specialists. If you are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, you would schedule a cosmetic consultation. If you are interested in looking at wigs, please let us know when scheduling. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

What happens during a consultation?

For a cosmetic consultation, you are given a brief questionnaire regarding your history with hair loss. A hair loss specialist reviews this information, performs a scalp analysis and determines if we can help you stop your hair loss. If so, we will provide you with the most suitable solutions based on your situation.

Is there a consultation fee?

The first consultation is free. Additional consultations are $78/session.

What are the costs of services?

The first consultation is complimentary. We will try to help find a solution that is right for you based on your individual needs. All costs associated with treatment are discussed during your initial consultation.

Do you take insurance?

We file your insurance as a courtesy but require our clients to pay us directly. We recommend that you check with your insurance provider ahead of time, so you know the amount they will cover. Your insurance company will mail any reimbursements directly to you.

Do you carry children’s wigs?

Yes, we carry a wide selection of synthetic hair, cyber hair and human hair wigs.

Do you accept walk-ins?

In order to meet the needs of our clients, we offer services by appointment only.

What are the benefits/advantages to subscribing to your newsletter and/or social media?

Stay in touch with us through our enewsletter, blog and Facebook account to keep up-to-date on the latest trends, products, coupons and testimonials.

Can you customize the wigs and/or hair enhancements?

Yes, all of our wigs are fully customizable to fit the shape of your head. Allusions also cuts and styles wigs and hair enhancements to create the look you want. All human hair wigs and enhancements can be colored.

Can I donate my old wig to Allusions?

Allusions does not accept wig donations but The American Cancer Society and Cancer Family Care always appreciate wig donations.

Have a different question? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.