Kidz*Wigz Foundation

Allusions’ Kidz*Wigz Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with hair loss. Kidz*Wigz provides free custom cranial prosthesis or hairpiece (wigs) to children in the Greater Cincinnati area. These are children who may be suffering from hair loss due to cancer, burns, radiation, alopecia, trichotillomania and other medically related issues.

Hair loss is a very traumatic experience for anyone, but it is especially difficult for children. Allusions’ Kidz*Wigz Foundation wants to help by providing wigs for kids suffering from hair loss and who cannot afford a high-quality wig.

Please fill out the Kidz Wigz application and contact us to schedule a complimentary evaluation.

You may also mail the application to:
P.O. Box 9660
Cincinnati, OH 45209

Mariam’s Story

Mariam was born in West Africa. She lived in a small village with her aunt after her parents fled to the Ivory Coast because of civil unrest in the region. At the age of 5, she was severally burned in a cooking accident when a cauldron of liquid was accidentally spilled on her. Her burns were to roughly 70 percent of her body, but fortunately her beautiful face and smile were spared. However, she lost more than 50 percent of her hair due to the burns on her scalp.

Mariam was not able to receive the care she needed in her village. Her burns developed multiple infections, and she suffered excruciating pain for several months. A doctor was finally able to connect her with Healing the Children, a non-profit organization that brought her to the Shriner’s Burn Institute in Cincinnati. The Shriner’s Burns Institute and a loving family, the Sternebergs, took over Mariam’s care. She has healed tremendously over the last several years thanks to the care and support she has received.

At first, Mariam’s hair loss did not affect her. Then, as she entered school in the Cincinnati area and hoped to blend in with the other children, she became self-conscious of her hair loss. The Sternebergs brought Mariam to Allusions to find a way to help her feel better about herself. At Allusions, everyone wanted to get Mariam smiling again. And that smile says it all now – she is feeling, and looking, great.

Kidz*Wigs Foundation Story

The Kidz*Wigz Foundation was established in memory of Jeanne Sheldon’s mother, Marjorie Busemeyer, and her sister, Becky Busemeyer. They lost their hair through chemotherapy, and eventually their lives to cancer 25 years ago. It is also in honor of Lucinda Heekin, who was an inspiration to Jeanne. Lucinda’s personal battle with chemotherapy-related hair loss sparked Jeanne’s interest in helping and supporting people experiencing hair loss.

Please consider helping us make a difference to children who may be experiencing hair loss by making a contribution to Kidz*Wigz. Contact us to learn more.