Locks of Love

Allusions offers free haircuts for anyone who would like to donate their hair to Locks of Love. If you would like to donate your hair, it must be at least 10 inches in length (tip to tip) and cannot be bleached or chemically damaged. After your haircut, we will send it to Locks of Love for you. If you prefer to cut and send it yourself, be sure it meets the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 10 inches in length (tip to tip)–curly hair may be pulled straight to measure
  • Hair cannot be bleached or chemically damaged
  • Hair must be clean and dry
  • Hair must be bundled in a braid or ponytail
  • It must be placed in a plastic bag and mailed in a padded envelope
  • All hair colors and textures accepted

About Locks of Love

Locks of Love provides wigs to people under the age of 21 who are suffering from long-term, medically-related hair loss. Thanks to donations received around the country, and many from the Greater Cincinnati area, Locks of Love is able to provide these wigs for free, or on a sliding scale based on financial need.

Many wigs available for retail are cut and styled for adults and may not be age appropriate. In addition, many of these wigs are not sized for children, making fit an issue. Locks of Love works to boost confidence, make kids look and feel great, and enable kids to do all the things they love to do – run, play, jump, skip – without worry about a wig sliding off. Learn more about Locks of Love.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to donate hair to Locks of Love.