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biomedic preshampoo (Copy)Biomedic Pre-Shampoo
This sophisticated dermatological anti-inflammatory agent that reduces dermatitis (dandruff and oily scalp), helps normalize the size of sebaceous glands of hair follicles, helps remove dead skin cells from skin and pores and reduces the inflammatory process.
Style # – #B100
Size – 8.0 oz
Retail – $16.00

biomedic preshampoo (Copy)Biomedic Shampoo
Biomedic Shampoo Treatment is a gentle cleansing product made of complex organic components. Amino acids help repair and restore each hair strand. This shampoo contains generous amounts of all 21 amino acids in free form, in the exact ratio found in human hair.
Style # – #B121
Size – 8.0 oz
Retail – $17.00

Biomedic Conditioner (Copy)Biomedic Advanced Styling Conditioner
Most people who suffer hair loss have an oily scalp. Some conditioners use oils and waxes that build up on the scalp and create problems; there are better ways to hydrate and condition the hair. Biomedic’s Advanced Styling Conditioner conditions the hair by restoring the moisture balance at a molecular level, dramatically amplifying hair volume and style.
Style # – #B122
Size – 8.0 oz
Retail – $16.00

MX4 replaces formula 1500 (Copy)MX4
Formula MX4 is designed to act more efficiently than other Minoxidil-based products. It contains 5% Minoxidil along with a high level of Hyaluronic Acid that maximizes delivery of the other active ingredients to the subcutaneous layer of tissue and increases tissue hydration; 3% Azelaic Acid acts as a powerful topical DHT blocker; a vasodilator dilates tiny blood vessels in the skin.
Use this product with Enhanced CoEnzyme.
Research shows that 98% of scalp levels of DHT (a key factor in hair loss) can be blocked with the combined daily use of MX4 and Enhanced Co-Enzyme. Simply stated, these two products are the most effective topical combination in the marketplace today.

Style # – #B123
Size – 2.0 oz
Retail – $30.00

biomedic coenzyme (Copy)Biomedic Coenzyme Concentrate
Enhanced Coenzyme contains Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (B-6), which combines with the Azelaic Acid in the Formula 1500 Triple Strength to become an extremely efficient blocking agent for DHT (a key factor in hair loss); this product also contains 3% biotin in solution, which helps the skin metabolize DHT more quickly.
When used in conjunction with Formula 1500 Triple Strength – our triple strength Minoxidil product – Enhanced Coenzyme maximizes hair growth potential. The two combined are the most effective topical combination in the marketplace today.

Style # – #B124
Size – 2.0 oz
Retail – $30.00

biomedic dietary supplement (Copy)Biomedic Permixion Caplets
Most men and women lose their hair due to the body’s natural production of DHT. In the 70s French scientists discovered that properties within the Saw Palmetto Cactus reduce the body’s ability to produce the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT.
The Saw Palmetto Cactus grows wild in Florida, where it was long used by Native Americans as an herbal medicine. Today you will find Saw Palmetto derivatives on the shelves of many vitamin shops. Quality and price depend on the part of the plant that’s used – berries, leaves or roots. Biomedic’s Permixon Complex uses the berries – these are the tiniest part of the plant and the most expensive to process. They are squeezed and tested for presence of the desired properties. Pumpkin seed enhances the strength and effectiveness of our product.

Style # – #B125
Size – 120 Softgel Capsules
Retail – $36.00

Hair Support

Hair Support Product Line
Cleansing and Revitalizing Shampoo
Cleansing & Revitalizing Shampoo
A natural deep-cleansing shampoo that loosens build-up and debris on the scalp and hair creating a healthy environment for growth of dormant hair.
Style # – T700
Size – 8.0 oz
Retail – $15.00

Color Retention Shampoo

Color Retention Shampoo
A cleansing shampoo specifically designed to be used in conjunction with hair coloring products. Seals in hair color while enhancing shine and hair growth.
Style # – T800
Size – 8.0 oz
Retail – $15.00

Restructuring Conditioner
Restructuring Conditioner
Hair Support Restructuring Conditioner is a specifically formulated light and natural restructuring conditioner for the scalp and hair. Hair Support Restructuring Conditioner retains moisture, restores balance and manageability to thinning, damaged and otherwise challenged hair.
Style # – T900
Size – 8.0 oz
Retail – $15.00

Foaming Styling Mousse
Foaming Styling Mousse
Hair Support Foaming Styling Mousse has been specifically formulated for thin fine hair. It is oil free but moisture rich, giving your hair volume, body and styling ease without stickiness or weight. Silk Protein Amino Acids and Panthenol condition strenghten hair wet or dry. This environmentally conscious product is alcohol free and PH balanced.
Style # – T1200
Size – 8.0 oz
Retail – $19.00

Overnight Scalp Treatment
Overnight Scalp Treatment
A patented treatment that deep cleans hair follicles and the scalp potentially leading to the growth of dormant hair. Designed to be used with Hair Support Cleansing & Revitalizing Shampoo and Restructuring Conditioner.
Style # – T1000
Size – 8.0 oz
Retail – $32.00

Topical Hair Products


Toppik (Hair Building Fibers)
Toppik is an amazing complex of organic protein microfibers made of pure Keratin which is the exact same protein that makes up human hair.



toppik-sprayToppik Hair Thickening Spray
Toppik colored hair thickener instantly makes thinning hair look thick and full. It will fill out thinning areas and make bald spots completely disappear. It is also recommended to touch up gray hair and to darken roots between colorings





Cleanse Concentrate (144)
A balancing and equalizing moisture-enriched cleanse shampoo.

Style # – C144
Size– 8.0 oz
Retail – $14.00

Deep Conditioning Treatment (274)
A deep conditioner that provides intense restoration with pro-vitamin B5 and essential amino acids to re-energize dry hair.  Restores vital moisturizers and leaves hair full-bodied, manageable and easy to style.
Style # – C274
Size– 8.0 oz
Retail – $22.00

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Final Protection (444)
Protects and restores wet or dry hair utilizing moisture enhancing elements.
Style # – C444
Size– 8.0 oz
Retail – $15.00

Styling Gel (365)
Smoothing styling gel enriched with natural enhancers to build body and shine.  Defines, directs and shapes wet or dry hair while adding texture and flexible hold.
Style # – C365
Size– 4.0 oz
Retail – $10.00

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Control Spray (345)
Natural holding spray for wet or dry hair.
Style # – C345
Size– 8.0 oz
Retail – $13.00

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The Mediceutical Products are formulated to target specific needs of the hair and scalp. These are the finest professional products for treating thinning hair, common scalp disorders, and unhealthy hair conditions. These products are formulated for repairing and protecting extreme cases of dry, damaged, fragile, fine and thinning hair. They promote beautiful healthy, virgin hair quality. FDA approved and clinically tested.

BioClenz Shampoo
Laurel Sulfate fee. Reacidifies hair& scalp. Enhances manageability. Imparts shine. Fortified with antioxidant vitamin complex. Safe for color treated hair.

Style # – MED20
Size – 8.45 oz
Retail – $18.00

Numinox Topical Spray
Stimulates hair cell metabolism & follicle development. Helps inhibit harmful DHT formation. Enhances follicle micro-vascular circulation. Encourages new hair growth. Safe for color treated hair.

Style # – MED30
Size – 8.45 oz
Retail – $46.00

Solv X
SolvX Shampoo
Treats excessively oily scalp, hair, and skin. Soothes inflamed & irritated scalp. Controls oily, flaking, & itchy scalp. Safe for color treated hair.
Style # – MED06
Size – 8.45 oz
Retail – $21.00

X Folate
X-Folate Shampoo
Controls flaky, itchy scalp. Treats persistent dandruff & psoriasis. Safe for color treated hair. Rinses 100% clean.
Style # – MED26
Size – 8.45 oz
Retail – $24.00

Volume Strength Hair Treatment
Stops hair breakage. Restores moisture, shine, and elasticity. Replaces vital amino acides. Reduces thermal damage by 58%. Repairs cuticle damage & split ends. Increases hair diameter by 26%.
Style # – MED21
Size – 8.45 oz
Retail – $21.00

Final Finish
Final Finish Conditioner
Natural Acidifying Rinse that is weightless, oil and wax free. It is a rinse that detangles and reduces static electricity. It is color safe, and rinses 100% clean.
Style # – MED02
Size – 8.45 oz
Retail – $21.00

X Derma
X-Derma Shampoo
Features Tipella, which is a hair growth compound. Aloecure hydrates the scalp & hair. Controls dry, flaky, scalp. Has an anti-fade color retention complex. Rinses 100% clean.
Style # – MED22
Size – 8.45 oz
Retail – $19.00

MoistCyte Hair Treatment
Softens & conditions coarse hair. Provides cuticle moisture. Has an anti-fade complex. Is safe for color treated hair. Rinses 100% clean.
Style # – MED25
Size – 8.45 oz
Retail – $23.00

TheraX Antibacterial Rinse
Kills topical bacteria & fungus. Calms redness, itching, & inflammation. Controls excessive oily skin. Can be used as a face & scalp astringent agent. Can be used with X-Folate for effective psoriasis treatment.
Style # – MED23
Size – 8.45 oz
Retail – $23.00

Therapeutic Conditioner
Re-acidifies hair & scalp. Helps control flaking & itching scalp. Promotes healthy scalp environment. Excellent detangler while improving manageability. Imparts shine. Safe for color treated hair. Rinses 100% clean.
Style # – MED33
Size – 8.45 oz
Retail – $25.00

Hair Gain
Hair Gain
Provides your body with the nutritional support it needs to maintain healthy hair. Features a natural complex to prevent hair loss. It has a DHT blocker.
Style # – MED12
Size – 30 Caps
Retail – $21.00