Finding experienced and reputable hair restoration specialists is just as important as finding a top notch physician.  Would you take health advice from anyone?  Probably not, so why take a risk on your hair?  Finding restoration specialists that take the time to address your needs and find a solution that will work for you, requires on-going training and expertise in an evolving industry combining artistry with the latest technology to give you the most natural look possible.

What sets our restoration specialists apart?

We believe our team is the best in the industry. Not only do we deliver the best customer service, but we also attend ongoing training at the national level.

Each February, Jeanne Sheldon, owner and lead restoration specialist attends a conference in Florida, where she shares her knowledge and expertise with other experts in the industry.  She also attends bi-annual Transitions meetings, which provide training and marketing seminars to hair restoration specialists worldwide. Furthermore, Allusions makes an effort to bring it’s entire team together to attend a national hair conference that focuses on the latest technological advancements and trends in the industry.  Last year our team attended the Cyber Hair Conference in Atlanta and we are planning on attending the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas this June.

Are you ready to meet our team?

Schedule a consultation today and meet our talented team of restoration specialists.  We promise, you’ll find our team is confidential, caring and committed to finding the best solution for you!