One of the most common worries when approaching a hair loss solution is: will it negatively effect my workout regimen? Can I still swim? Go to the sauna? Enjoy my intramural soccer league? Go skydiving at my bachelor party?

Some hair loss solutions simply can’t keep up with an active lifestyle due to durability and moisture retention. But one solution stands out from the rest, and Allusions carries it exclusively here in Cincinnati.

Cyberhair is a hair replacement system designed specifically for men and women with an active lifestyle. You can swim, play basketball, run, go in the sauna – and yes, even skydive – with cyberhair. Cyberhair uses an advanced technology to create hair that’s stronger, more durable and softer than many natural hair pieces. Some even say it outperforms human hair.

There are four specific areas where Cyberhair outperformed its competitors, making it the ideal solution for athletes with hair loss.


Cyberhair is more than 10% lighter than other hair. The lighter the hair, the more comfort for you, whether you’re at your day job or at the gym.


Because of the high content of moisture in Cyberhair, when wet or dry the hair feels and responds like healthy human hair. This high moisture content also helps eliminate frizzing – perfect for swimmers and runners alike.


Cyberhair has “style memory”. This allows for hot showers, saunas, and hair dryers to be used without losing its style.


Strength tests show that Cyberhair ranks the highest against other fibers, including human hair. In fact, it has twice the durability of processed human hair. 

So take a swim, join the soccer team, or go for a skydive. Cyberhair and Allusions have your back! Learn more about Cyberhair and receive a free consultation here.