We may already be in the middle of this sunny season, but the warmth of summer is still in its first bloom. There is still plenty of time to arrange your favorite seasonal activities and enjoy every available blue sky. But, the summer brings with it all sorts of new threats to your hair’s health. No one wants to spend this season indoors just to avoid excessive frizz or scalp irritation.

Instead of hiding from the inevitable heat and humidity, your hair care routine should update with the weather to maintain the health of your beautiful locks. Your style shouldn’t be subdued this summer. If you want to keep your scalp and hair happy enough to beat the heat, use these tips and give your head the care it deserves in such a harsh time of the year.

Staying Safe in the Sunshine

The sun is an excellent source of vitamin D and should be enjoyed with the help of sunscreen. We have all been taught that sunscreen is necessary to protect our skin against harmful UV rays, but the damage it causes to hair is not as often talked about. The risk of breakage is all but absent in the summertime. Your hair will face the same dryness that your skin does if it is not protected well enough and could become very brittle due to exposure. It may sound strange, but sunscreen for hair does exist to help you avoid problems such as these. A wide range of shampoo and conditioner brands include the right amount of sunscreen to provide adequate coverage. There are also other products like hair masks, sprays, or oils that achieve the same protection for your unique hair type.

Swimmer’s Hair

Swimming is, without a doubt, the most prominent staple activity of the summer. However, pool chemicals and the sea’s salty water can damage your hair after just one dip. Saltwater can dry your hair out quickly; most people have experienced that coarse texture in their hair after they leave the beach. Your hair absorbs the water you swim in, including all the chemicals and salt that may be present. If you’re a blonde, you may have noticed your hair turning slightly green thanks to a chlorinated pool after swimming. There are products on the market to keep your hair from absorbing this water, such as protective hair masks designed for this issue. The only surefire way to combat these effects is to wear a swimming cap.

Loosen Up

Tight buns or ponytails are most people’s go-to hairstyles to stay cool in the summer’s relentless heat, it’s undeniable. Unfortunately, you may want to change up your method of beating the heat once you hear about the effect these compact dos can have on your scalp when it is hot out. Wearing a tight hairstyle is equivalent to wearing a thick, dense hat over your head. Sweat is trapped very close to your scalp and can cause irritation. Since scalp health is the key to maintaining healthy hair, you should switch up your outdoor hairstyles to more loose options so air can get to your scalp easier and keep you a bit cooler under the surface.