Hair extensions are used by so many people for a variety of applications, but this fact is often overshadowed by the presence of cheap, mass-produced extensions found at most costume stores. People who have tried these often never consider extensions again because of how uncomfortable and unrealistic they can be. The benefits of professional hair extensions are they are made to be comfortable, versatile, and realistic for long-term wear and styling.


Allusions offers a complete line of extensions made of one hundred percent virgin human hair. Over half of the nation’s population will experience hair loss of some sort, so extensions are made for every demographic. Several different colors, textures, and lengths exist to match any client’s head. A professional stylist can help determine the best method of attaching the extensions based on the client’s unique growth/loss pattern. Whether you are trying to cover thinning spots or just want longer hair, there is something for you.


This is usually the number one concern for most people considering hair extensions. The average clip-in extensions can be bulky and look unrealistic against the scalp, which completely ruins the illusion of naturally fuller hair. Allusions uses pre-bonded fusion strips, which lay completely flat, and professional hair glue to safely bond extensions to individual strands of hair. Our application method allows the extensions to blend perfectly with your natural hair while providing more volume and length through the entire hairline. Because our extensions are made of human hair, they will be indistinguishable from your natural hair. You can also dye, cut, and style them just like your natural hair! There are options for any client’s needs.

Daily Comfort

Our hair extensions last for approximately three or more weeks before the glue begins to detach. When considering how long three weeks really feel, comfort is a key quality that clients look for. Properly placed pre-bonded fusion strip extensions should feel weightless. You will most likely forget that they are in when you’re not looking in a mirror. The best part of this three-week commitment is that there are basically no drawbacks. Anyone can simply care for their extensions (washing, styling, etc.) the same way they care for their natural hair without any need for concern. The only difference is more hair to love!


Thanks to our modern, detail-oriented approach to applying extensions, our clients can wear them to correct a number of problems caused by hair loss. Thinning hair is easier than ever to fill in and thicken trouble spots. Even bald spots can be covered by attaching extensions to the surrounding hair. Areas of the scalp closer to the face are prone to thinning out due to age or medical issues, but ordinary extensions cannot reach here. This is not a problem for our professionals! We have solutions for everyone without sacrificing comfort or beauty. Other uses for hair extensions are adding highlights, length, or just trying something new! With so many options, you can’t go wrong.

There are numerous benefits to hair extensions.  If you’d like to learn more, schedule your free consultation today, and let Allusions help you find your perfect solution!