Best Wig Brands That Look NaturalWigs continue to be a brilliant option for men and women alike suffering from hair loss. While many clients opt for surgical or long-term solutions, those with sensitive scalps or specific medical side effects may be more comfortable with a hairpiece, which can be removed at the end of the day and requires less maintenance. So what are the best wig brands that look natural?

Wigs are also a popular solution for people who enjoy dying or changing their hairstyles frequently. Repeated use of chemicals will damage and dry out natural hair, so having a collection of wigs to switch up your style may be healthier in the long run.

Many who would benefit from wearing a wig are hesitant, usually due to lack of confidence that a hairpiece will look convincing and natural. This can certainly be an issue with lower quality materials and manufacturing. Still, it all depends on a variety of factors. Making sure you get a wig cap that fits your head is crucial, but sizing one up on your own can be difficult. Other things to consider are the hairline and hair material, both of which can have a significant impact on comfort and a realistic appearance. A higher-quality wig should fit perfectly and look indistinguishable from a natural head of hair. Human hair wigs are often regarded as the highest quality and most realistic on the market, but modern materials like Cyberhair are game-changing. Not only is it offered with particular wigs, but semi-permanent solutions like Micro Point Link also use Cyberhair for long-lasting results.

Private Issue

Cyberhair is described as “superhuman” and was engineered with resilience and realism in mind. This material is more durable, heat resistant, and long-lived than our natural hair. It comes in a wide range of shades and has the ability to return to its original texture even after strenuous activity, making it easier than ever to care for.

Our Private Issue line of wigs is made with Cyberhair, which means it is perfect for an active lifestyle. The lightweight cap is made to fit your measurements exactly, for comfortable and secure wearability during any activity, even swimming. Our stylists can find the perfect shade and texture match and style the wig to your liking, or they can help you find the style of your dreams!

The Sentoo Collection

Sentoo is a premium European brand of hand-tied wigs that we carry here in Cincinnati. This brand is known for immaculate craftsmanship and comfortable all-day wear. All of their wigs have an invisible lace front and a lightweight monofilament base. The hair is hand-tied onto the base to emulate a realistic growth pattern and lower density. The Sentoo Premium collection caps are slightly smaller than the average cap to ensure the best fit and are suitable for those with a sensitive scalp. Each piece is velvety soft, light as a feather, and crafted with everyday wear in mind. A variety of natural colors are available in many different styles.

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