The advancement of cosmetic technology has created quite a dilemma for any woman new to the vast world of wigs. With so many options available, an inexperienced buyer may make an uninformed decision and purchase a wig that doesn’t fit their needs. Many wigs available on the internet are either poorly constructed or created with weak and uncomfortable materials. Seeing a professional and having your specific needs evaluated are paramount to a successful wig lifestyle. So stop searching ‘Best Wig Options for Women,’ because Allusions offers these services and more to ensure that every woman gets what they deserve; the most comfortable, stylish, and durable wigs available.


The Sentoo Collection offered by Allusions is one of the most exclusive, sought-after range of wigs developed by top designers in Europe. The brand name itself translates to “excellence” in Japanese, a tribute to the quality of every wig style offered.

These wigs are crafted with the comfort of the wearer in mind. No matter the size, every Sentoo wig is guaranteed to feel as light as a feather and look indistinguishable from a natural head of hair. Even those with the most sensitive scalps will find that these handcrafted caps offer breathability all day.  The lace front provides an invisible hairline, while the stretchy monofilament crown allows for easy styling and plenty of airflow for practical use. Sentoo carries some of the most fashionable and natural wigs available on the market for the everyday woman who needs a confidence boost, wants to try out a new look, or make a statement.

Private Issue

The most significant benefit of a Private Issue wig is that it is entirely tailored for the individual. At Allusions, a client can schedule an appointment with a trained consultant to get their measurements taken and their needs evaluated for the best fitting wig. Following the consultation, our stylists will cut and color a client’s Private Issue wig to either match their natural hair or give it an entirely new style of the wearer’s dreams. But that isn’t all a Private Issue wig offers to its wearer. The wig’s cap is lightweight in construction, hand-tied by professionals, and made from durable materials to ensure a secure and comfortable fit during any activity, be it as simple as a shower or as strenuous as a swim meet. Many wigs (even well-regarded ones) will not allow this amount of accommodation to the wearer’s lifestyle. That is why private issue wigs are the perfect wig for anyone, new or experienced, all thanks to the level and quality of care offered by the consults at Allusions.

With so many styles, cuts, and colors available, it can be hard to feel confident in a purchase. But thankfully, the best wig options for women can be found at Allusions, from our custom Private Issue wigs to the breathable and light Sentoo collection. Our consults will be there every step of the way to ensure that every client confidently wears their wig as if it was a finely crafted crown.