Wigs have become more fashionable in this decade than ever before, widely driven by famous beauty gurus and celebrities alike. This has given many women the confidence to feel all-natural when covering up signs of hair loss or simply changing up their style.  But finding the best wig can be difficult, and sometimes frustrating.

With such a broad spectrum of unique scalp needs, there is no single “perfect” wig on the market. There are several different materials and models to choose from based on your specific needs. Most of these wigs can be found online or in beauty stores, but getting a consultation from a professional stylist can give you accurate measurements and recommendations.

Finding The Right Fit

Wigs are certainly not “one size fits all” for the daily wearer. Salons and some beauty stores can help you measure your head and find a comfortable cap size. However, searching for a wig online can be more challenging. If you are not purchasing something from a reliable website, you could be misled by flashy titles and confusing sizing charts.

The overall fit of your wig can make a huge difference in comfort throughout the day. A too-tight cap may cause headaches and itchiness, while a loose cap can slip off easily and slide around when moving. A properly fitting wig should not cause these issues.


The material of your wig cap can affect scalp comfort and how realistic it looks. There are two common hair materials, synthetic and human hair. A misconception about synthetic hair is that it in no way appears natural. This is simply not true, as high-quality synthetics are available at slightly higher prices. Human hair is, of course, the most realistic looking.

The most common cap materials include polyurethane, lace, monofilament, or a combination of these.

  • Polyurethane is a flexible, skinlike material that comes in a variety of colors to match your scalp. It is typically the cheapest because it isn’t very comfortable for long-term wear. It is not very breathable and can trap sweat and heat against the scalp if you live an active lifestyle or in hotter climates. Even so, these wigs can look quite convincing and may be a good choice for occasional wear.
  • Monofilament cap wigs are mesh, very breathable, and realistic-looking enough to fool close friends and family. This material is relatively inexpensive because it is made from a blend of nylon and polyester. Hairs can be hand-tied to this cap because of its mesh structure, mimicking patterns of actual hair growth.
  • Lace is very similar to monofilament. These caps are also mesh and very breathable for this reason. They sit at a higher price because lace is incredibly durable and blends into the scalp seamlessly. They are often seen as the highest quality on the market.
  • Our Wigs include Private Issue and the Sentoo Collection. Private Issue, by Cyberhair, is entirely tailored to your lifestyle and personal desire. The cap material is lightweight and secure, while the hair is available in any color or texture. Your Private Issue wig is also styled and cut to your liking. Sentoo is a premium European brand that we carry here in Cincinnati. This collection is known for being feather-light and undetectable.

If your mission for finding the best wig has led to dead-end after dead-end, let the experts at Allusions help!  Schedule your FREE consultation today, and let one of our hair loss professionals match you with your ideal fit!