Difference Between Hair Transplants and Laser Hair TherapyLosing their hair is a common and completely valid fear for countless men worldwide. While some are more likely to experience this problem than others, everyone wants to know that some sort of treatment is available.  In this blog, we’re going to discuss some of the differences between hair transplants and laser hair therapy.

Hair transplant surgery is the most well-known treatment for bald spots and thinning regions of the scalp. An alternative is on the rise in popularity; laser hair therapy is favored for being painless and for the lack of aftercare. Both of these methods are focused on regrowing the patient’s hair naturally rather than replacing it with a realistic substitute.

If you are considering either method of hair restoration, it is essential to evaluate all of the facts in order to make a safe decision that you will be comfortable with in the long run. Both methods require multiple sessions to show considerable regrowth.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplants have shown a high success rate in men of all ages. While we may not yet have the technology to develop a permanent solution, modern hair transplant methods have proven to be the best option with the most consistent results. Whether a patient wishes to regrow small patches of hair or their whole scalp, hair transplant surgery can make it possible. The procedure includes numbing the scalp before viable hair follicles from a healthy region are harvested either by a surgeon or a specialized machine and transplanted into bald areas. This surgery is non-invasive, and the results are permanent. Minimal scarring is left over, and the patient’s hairline should mimic their natural growth pattern. About four or more transplant sessions are necessary for complete regrowth, possibly more if the baldness is advanced. Some people are turned off by the price of hair transplants, but in the grand scheme of things, the cost of upkeep or the repurchasing of products that non-surgical solutions require continue to add up indefinitely and often show little (if any) results.

Laser Hair Therapy

Because this hair regrowth technology is still relatively new, there is a lot of confusion about how it works and why it’s worth the time and money. A patient should know that laser hair therapy is entirely painless—no heat, no injections, no aftercare necessary. The process involves the use of low-level lasers that target affected areas of the scalp. The device used to deliver the laser treatment is similar to a salon hairdryer. The patient can sit and relax until the treatment is over. These lasers stimulate blood flow in specific areas, promoting the growth of new hair from inactive follicles. Even follicles that have been inactive for years can be “woken up” after laser hair therapy. Though, it is best to start treatments before hair loss becomes severe. Because this technology is still new, there have not been many studies on long-term effects. So far, this treatment has proven successful in both regrowing hair and stopping hair loss progression.

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