Hair loss can sneak up on anyone at any time in life. Some people are blindsided by it, while the possibility haunts others. For many individuals who suffer from hair loss or other scalp-related issues, surgery is intimidating or out of the question altogether. A treatment that allows the patient to relax in a chair for the duration sounds almost too good to be true.  But that can be found in the laser hair therapy process.

Laser hair therapy has made regrowth more viable for everyone. This technology has shown promising results from a plethora of patients, but laser hair therapy is still new to the public, so there are many people who still do not quite understand how this treatment works.

What to expect when starting the laser hair therapy process

Unlike other hair loss solutions that use injections, surgery, or hair tying, this treatment is not invasive and does not cause the scalp any stress or pain. Before treating a patient, our experts will evaluate their scalp’s overall condition and learn about their specific needs. This therapy can take on any challenge, from a simple thinning hairline to large bald spots, but it is always better to start treatments at the first sign of hair loss. The sooner you get help, the sooner your scalp will be back to its former glory.

The most common causes of hair loss have to do with a lack of hair follicle activity.

A variety of factors lead to this inactivity, including age and genetics, but that doesn’t mean they have lost all ability to function. These follicles still have the potential to grow hair even after years of no new growth. Light energy is delivered directly to a patient’s head through a device that looks similar to a salon dryer-dome. This technology uses low-level light lasers to stimulate blood flow throughout certain parts of the scalp, slowly waking up the follicles that have not been producing new hair. Similar to watering a thirsty plant, this reinvigorated blood flow fuels the natural process of hair growth.

What to expect after treatment

Unfortunately, this process is not instantaneous. Consistent treatments are necessary to see the full results, and the length of one session depends on the severity of a patient’s problem. Once these follicles stop being active for whatever reason, the blood flow stops prioritizing the scalp. Laser hair therapy replaces this lost function. After a few weeks of consistent treatment, most patients can see a difference in their hair’s texture and fullness. Continued treatment has shown that laser hair therapy can even repair hair follicles damaged by salon chemicals. Most patients note that the new hair is softer, shinier, and less prone to breakage.

This process has also proven to halt hair loss progression in both men and women.

Because the technology is so new, there is not a lot of information about its long-term effects. So far, the results are promising, and the treatment continues to be improved upon. Even smaller models are being used by patients who can’t afford to make regular visits. Caps, hoods, and even combs with laser lights are available to buy and use at home.

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