Many of my clients have told me they put off their thinning hair treatment or hair loss because they didn’t know what to expect at the initial consultation. Often I find it can be helpful to talk to someone else who has been through a similar experience, but people with thinning hair or hair loss are usually uncomfortable talking about it. That’s why I thought I would share the story of a client who recently faced her fear and decided to come in for a consultation.

Julie’s story…

I was definitely anxious about what to expect at my initial consultation. I was afraid to be told there may be nothing I could do about my thinning hair, but I was also concerned that there would be a high-pressure sales pitch. What happened couldn’t have been further from that.

My consultation was so informative

My consultation was with Jean. She was so personable, knowledgeable and comforting. The consultation took place in a private room and lasted about an hour. After asking me a series of background questions and thoroughly examining my head and hair, Jean determined my scalp was oily and was causing blockage of the hair follicles. She used magnifying equipment to show me exactly what my scalp looked like close up and shared how one of my scalp follicles compared to a normal one. This was very important to me because it helped me see the reason for my hair loss and validated my need for treatment.

No pressure recommendations for thinning hair treatment

My consultation concluded with Jean providing me with a customized treatment plan. In my case, she suggested both hair treatment products and laser light therapy to create a healthy environment for my hair to grow. But she didn’t pressure me at all, her emphasis was on helping me understand my options and what to expect. It was up to me what treatments—if any– I wanted to try. I did end up following all of her recommendations.

I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long

It’s been two months since my initial consultation and I feel so much better. My hair feels great and it’s definitely stopped thinning and I’ve even started to notice new growth. I would encourage anyone who’s let fear stop them from getting treatment for thinning hair or hair loss to go through the consultation process. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to do so.

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