Woman having hair combed

When it comes to managing your thinning hair, it’s all about getting the proper haircut. Certain styles look better than others. Be sure to let your stylist know that you want to create a more voluminous look.   Generally, shorter hair is the way to go. Short hair weighs less and has more volume and bounce. Longer hair can actually separate into sections, revealing more of your scalp, exaggerating the problem.

But you needn’t mourn your long locks. Today’s short styles are as sassy as ever!

Consider these for inspiration:

1. Beach Waves – beach waves are one of the hottest looks right now. With a layered hairstyle and a side part to cover any thinning hair on top, you want to achieve the right amount of messiness. Be sure to go easy on the  products – too much product will weigh down thinning hair and give you the opposite effect.

2. Side bangs and feathered – A layered hairstyle for thin hair always helps to cover up the thinness at the crown. Bangs at the sides will also help to cover any sort of thinning of hair at the top. You’ll look stylish and have plenty of bounce to your hair – and no one will ever notice that you have thinning hair.

3. Asymmetrical – An asymmetrical hairstyle also helps to camouflage thinning hair and can frame the face attractively. Make sure to see a really good stylist for this option so you achieve the right look. Give a little curl to the side of those bangs and your hair will look full and voluminous.

Bottom line: Trade those long locks for layers. We’d be happy to give you the perfect style at Allusions!