The majority of men are concerned about hair loss or thinning hair at some point during their lifetime, and most of these men don’t know what they can do to prevent hair loss or what options are available to them.  That’s why I sat down with one of our clients who noticed a receding hair line at 18 years-old but waited years before consulting a specialist. Now, 31, he has tried a few different options and found one that really works for his lifestyle. Here’s what he had to say.

When did you start wearing hair and why?

I started wearing hair about 2 years ago.  Prior to wearing hair, I was having success with other products in maintaining my hairline, but I knew ultimately that I was never going to be able to regrow my hair to the extent it used to be.  I decided that I wanted to try wearing hair while I still had a lot of hair because I thought it would be a more gradual transition.

What type of hair systems have you worn in the past? When did you make the switch to Cesare Ragazzi and Why?

I started out wearing a synthetic hair system for about a year before transitioning to a Cesare Ragazzi hair piece.  Honestly, I really liked the original hair system I had, but once I saw the Cesare Ragazzi hair I knew I had to have one.  After wearing it I don’t think I would ever wear anything else.  It’s a much higher quality of hair and it is noticeably softer and better looking than the previous hair system I had.

Do you notice any differences with your hairpiece from Cesare Ragazzi compared to other hairpieces you have worn?

Yes absolutely.  The Cesare Ragazzi piece is much higher quality and much better looking.  It’s like night and day going from my original hair system to the Cesare Ragazzi piece.

You’re an active guy, can you tell me a little bit about how your hair endures the elements and if there are any limitations to wearing hair?  

I have not had any issues with the elements while wearing my hair.  I’ve been able to exercise, swim, ride bikes, and even ride roller coasters without any trouble!

Does wearing a hair piece require more styling and maintenance? If so, please elaborate.

Yes and no.  I’d say when I first started wearing hair that I spent more time than ever before getting my hair ready before walking out the door for the day.  However, I think I’d attribute most of that to the fact that wearing hair was new, and I needed to adjust to wearing hair.  Now after having worn hair for 2 years, I  think it’s less maintenance than if I wasn’t wearing hair.  I would attribute a lot of this to the quality of the Cesare Ragazzi hair and how easy it is to maintain.

There is still a bit of taboo surrounding toupees and hair pieces for men. What would you tell other men your age who suffering from hair loss and who might be embarrassed about wearing hair?

I would tell them that I have been in their shoes.  I had the same reservations about hair pieces before I started wearing them.  However, once I saw the quality of the hair options at Allusions and how real the hair pieces looked, I figured I didn’t have much to lose because the alternative was watching my bald spot slowly get bigger. After wearing hair for two years, I truly think it’s the only solution men should consider if they are concerned about their hair loss.  All the natural alternatives are great for trying to regrow hair and adding thickness, but I knew I would never be able to achieve the look I wanted with these products. With a hair piece, I get my overall thickness back and the hair looks so real that no one would ever know the difference.

 In what ways, if any, has wearing hair changed your life?

I would say it’s given me a lot more confidence in my day-to-day life.  I no longer have to worry about someone seeing my bald spot or thinning hair.  Instead I get a lot of compliments from people who say I look younger and look healthier.  Hearing that feedback from just a few people makes wearing hair more than worth it.