Retro fashion is hitting the trends of 2019 hard. So hard in fact that some dedicate hours of styling at home to achieve a look that originated way back in the past.

Retro usually refers to the fashion sense of those from the ‘70s through the ’90s, while vintage often comes from the earlier twentieth century. From the Pin-Up era to volume achieved from half a can of Aqua Net, fashion of the past will always mold the tastes of the modern world. 

Fashion recycling is a term used to describe this very thing. We do it without thinking because it is easier than coming up with new styles and new styles created by the fashion industry do not catch on very quickly. Many trendsetters of the generation take inspiration and influence from their parents and others. One can appreciate the history of clothing how it is worn then altering it to fit into modern-day style. The same applies to hair, which can be even easier to replicate the styles of vintage fashion icons such as Marylin Monroe, Christian Dior, and Elvis Presley since it requires only your hair (along with spray, product, and pins in some cases) and not hard-to-find clothing pieces.

Hairstyles that have grown in popularity this month are bumper bangs of the 1950s, the natural 1970s afro, and the ageless French twist. Men and women alike often put a lot more effort and time into their hair or makeup back in the day compared to now. They also used more product such as gel, hairspray, and pomade, in order to achieve a look they could wear for the day. This was common even if they didn’t plan on leaving the house. With today’s technology, we don’t have to spend an hour in steamed hair rollers or go to a salon to use tools most of us now have in our homes. The process has become much more efficient, adding to why these styles have come back into fashion.

Not only have these iconic hairdos arisen recently, but the use of vintage-inspired hair accessories has followed. The sudden appreciation for historic fashion boosted the popularity of headscarves, large clips, decorative pins, and countless other items that can be styled into any look while expressing a retro influence. While these accessories had their aim set on glamour, they played a crucial part in holding an updo together. Scarves or headbands held back elaborate buns, elegant pins held the structure of rolls and curls, and clips held back any hair threatening to fall due to a lack of hair spray or simply gravity.

The dip into our past has greatly expanded the welcome variety of trending styles in modern culture, but we have been recycling different parts of fashion forever. The trends of 2050 will likely incorporate today’s sense of style and call it vintage, and so the cycle continues.