What Are the Best Wigs to BuyAre you constantly searching ‘What Are the Best Wigs to Buy?’  Wigs offer a unique solution for women that live with hair loss or total baldness due to health-related issues. Losing hair can be a traumatic experience, no matter if it is temporary or permanent. The loss of confidence that follows is often irreparable without regrowth or a hair replacement. Everyone deserves to have comfortable, natural-looking hair that helps them look and feel their best.

There is no perfect wig that will work for everyone; the best wig for you is one that suits your specific needs and feels comfortable enough to wear daily. There are advantages to each type, which fall into the categories listed below.

Polyurethane Wig

Polyurethane is a thin, skin-like material pigmented to match any skin tone and blend into the scalp naturally. This material is not known for being very breathable and may irritate your scalp due to trapped sweat and heat. It is typically the least expensive option of the three categories.

Mesh Wig

Mesh includes full lace and monofilament style wigs. This category is considered to be of the highest quality and is the most expensive option. Monofilament is a blended mesh material of polyester or nylon; it is breathable and looks quite natural. Full lace wigs are more durable and also blend in seamlessly while keeping the scalp cool. This category offers the most versatile options because human hairs are hand-tied onto the mesh base, which gives them a realistic growth pattern. This allows the wig to be styled in virtually any way without showing the base of the wig. Mesh wigs can last over a year if taken care of properly.

Combo Wig

Combo style wigs combine properties of both a hand-tied mesh base and a less breathable, machine-made cap. For example, the popular lace front style wig is made to have a standard material covering the head’s back and sides of the head

Human hair wig

Human hair wigs are highly sought after and expensive, but the quality is often worth the price. Just like anyone’s real hair, human hair wigs can be styled, dyed, bleached, or cut easily. Virgin hair is virtually the same, but it has never been treated with dyes or chemicals, making it the most expensive option. Real hair wigs can last a long time if they are taken care of, and they are much more practical for everyday use than the cheaper alternative.

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