With fame comes the power to influence and inspire through words, fashion, and lifestyle. We look up to many celebrities as role models, and countless fans find it easier to face changes in their life if they watch influencers do it first.

Hair loss is not an issue that only a few unfortunate people experience. Half of the United States population will experience male or female pattern baldness (known as androgenic alopecia), including those centered in the public eye.

To maintain their appearance in the spotlight, several celebrities have admitted to or have shown signs of using wigs, extensions, or hair transplants. Many of these idols have played an important part in ending the shame around age or illness-related hair loss.

The pride many celebrities show when admitting these enhancements shines a positive light that affects the public and influences those struggling with confidence due to hair loss.

Matthew McConaughey

This talented actor, known for his role in countless movies and the television series True Detective, went through a hair transformation during his career due to a receding hairline. This is a common sign of male pattern baldness, and he is one of many famous men to have a hair transplant to correct this problem. The widow’s peak he had been developing over the years has filled in with a much straighter, fuller hairline.

Kiera Knightley

With a variety of roles to portray in her many films, hair dye had become a common method of transforming from character to character. Those of us who use dyes or bleach for reasons other than acting know the dangers of doing this too often. Hair can become very brittle and coarse after too many treatments. Kiera remarked on this exact problem and admitted that her hair at one point began to fall out after being damaged for so long. She has since been using wigs rather than changing up her real hair, not only for her roles in movies but for stylish and everyday looks.

Calum Best

This British-American reality television star suffered from an unfortunately early form of hair loss beginning at age twenty. He proudly admitted to getting hair transplants to solve the thinning and baldness that came with this condition. “There is no doubt the three procedures have changed my life. No man wants to be bald when he is older,” he explained once revealing this modification to the public. He continues by describing the patchy, thin head of hair that must’ve been “nature’s plan” for his future, but his transplants have allowed him to stay confident. This confidence is not only upheld in front of fans or cameras, but also with himself and his self-esteem. The large population of men who suffer from hair loss at any age often relate to the decline in self-worth and find confidence much more difficult to muster. Going through hair transplant procedures is something that benefits yourself in more than just appearance.