The hunt for the perfect hairstyle is an ongoing struggle that everyone faces. There is so much to consider; the shape, volume, texture, length, and color are all significant factors and the options are vast.

Different styles are best suited for specific face shapes, but figuring out what works for you can be a tricky process. What style brings out your best features? How can a question like this be answered when everyone is as unique as a snowflake? To make it easier, we here at Allusions have provided you a breakdown of how to find what flatters you the most.

Find Your Face Shape

A common way to categorize your face and bone structure is with five different shapes; square, heart, oval, circle, and diamond. If you can’t guess just by pulling your hair back and looking in the mirror, you can make a more educated guess based on some characteristics of the shapes.

  • Square faces have a strong jawline and straight features.
  • Heart shaped faces also have a strong jawline, but a round face beyond that.
  • Circular faces are usually shorter and rounded with a soft jawline.
  • Oval faces are similar but noticeably longer than a circle.
  • Diamond faces have a narrow jawline and sharp features.

Perhaps you are a blend of a couple, as no natural face follows these “rules.” Just choose the shape you share the most features with and follow the next steps.

Highlighting Your Features

To figure out what looks good with your shape sounds overwhelming, as many styles compliment more than one shape. Take it slow and find out what features you wish to accentuate with your hair.

Square Faces

Your shape tends to photograph the best! To soften a hard or angular jaw, take advantage of textures and length. Shoulder-length or longer with some soft waves or loose curls will look amazing. Try to avoid too much volume as it will make your face appear to have harsh lines. To further soften your features, blunt bangs with some length on the sides will take age away from you and bring out your eyes.

Diamond and Heart Faces

Your face has the perfect balance of strong and soft, volume and layers are your greatest tools for achieving the best style. Side-swept or blunt bangs are perfect for making your eyes and cheekbones pop. Don’t be afraid of shorter cuts as your face is perfect for flattering, jaw-length layers.

Oval Faces

You have the most versatile of all the shapes, every style from long curls to pixie cuts can complement your softer features. To narrow it down for you, focus on what fits your lifestyle. Experiment with dramatic textures or a straightener and discover your favorite looks. If your face is longer than the average, avoid tall updos or anything that adds height to your head.

Circular Faces

Though you can effortlessly achieve a healthy glow without trying, many women with your face shape prefer to use their varying styles to slightly elongate and make it appear less round. Tall updos will give you a striking look. If your hair is down, it will look best with a little bit of volume. Any length is suitable for you, especially shortcuts with texture and lots of volume.


In the end, no one should feel pressured to strictly follow any of these guidelines. The most crucial factor in determining what looks best for you is your confidence. No matter what, always choose what you feel looks best. Match your hair with your personality and flaunt it, that’s how you find your perfect hairstyle.  Want to know more?  Come in and see us at Cincinnati Hair Loss, or contact us today!