Hair loss is a problem that affects both women and men due to a vast list of causes. Read our tips & tricks on what should you look for in a hair loss product and check out our product list too!

Look for Ingredients That Actually Stimulate Hair Growth & Avoid Harsh Chemicals 

Look at the ingredients list and pick a hair loss product that contains stimulants that help promote healthy hair growth. The most effective and natural stimulants include caffeine, biotin, saw palmetto extract, and nettle root. These have all been linked with reduced hair shedding, increased follicle stimulation, and other benefits in studies. Use natural ingredients instead of harsher chemicals – they’re healthier and gentler on your scalp, plus they give longer-lasting benefits. Also look for essential oils like lavender or rosemary, plus vitamins like B6 as they stimulate new healthy hair growth!

Look For A Product Backed By Clinical Trials & Ensure You are Using a Reputable Brand

Even though there are many natural ingredients out there that can help support healthy hair growth, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee results for everyone who uses them. It’s important to look for a product that has been backed byWhat Should You Look For in a Hair Loss Product? clinical trials so that you can be sure of its efficacy before making a purchase. When choosing any kind of drugstore item or personal care item from any store make sure you trust where it came from. Read up about the company and check reviews online.

Choose Products Suitable For Your Hair Type

It’s also very important to make sure that you find a product suitable for your own unique hair type! Not all products on the market are created equal – some might specialize in thinning while others could focus more on regrowth or shine restoration. If you are around the Cincy area, contact us for a FREE consultation! 

Other Things to Consider

Results can take 4-12 weeks, so keep the timeline in mind when selecting something new. It is also wise to follow instructions carefully when using any kind of medication/treatment as it can prevent unwanted consequences. Pay close attention to labels/packaging guidelines & dosage info – don’t guess, as mistakes could prove costly later on.

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