When you ask this question, the answer may not be what you expect. There are a lot of reasons for sudden hair loss, but the first question to ask is, is it really hair loss? Hair shedding is completely normal, and most men and women lose up to 100 hairs a day naturallly while showering, styling, and just living their lives. But if you’ve noticed you’re losing more hair than usual, or your hair isn’t growing back, there may be something else going on. Here are a few common causes of hair loss:

1. Lifestyle Changes

Have you recently had a baby? Changed prescriptions? Stopped working out? Started working out? Changed your diet? All of these life changes can lead to sudden hair loss, but the good news is, it’s often temporary. When your body undergoes hormone, nutrient intake, or physical changes, it’s common for hair to enter the “resting” phase, and fall out more often than normal. If hair loss persists for more than a few months, talk to your doctor about what may be causing it.

2. Funky Hairstyles

This is the simplest answer in the book: tight or elaborate hairstyles. If you’ve been wearing your hair naturally for a while, but now you’ve decided to start curling it every day, it’s likely you’ll start to lose more hair. Especially when you brush your hair or take a shower. Our suggestion is to use products like heat protectants when curling or straightening, and to always use fabric-coated hair ties as opposed to rubber ones.

3. Genetics

Genetic baldness affects over 50% of the population — you’re not alone! If you’ve inherited your hair loss, you’ll need to seek treatment if you want a full head of hair again.

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