There is nothing more annoying than when your hair sheds all over your shirt or clogs up the drains, but there are a few reasons and a few solutions why your hair is shedding. Hair is always shedding, and it’s normal to shed about one-hundred hairs a day. It means that it has gone through a complete cycle of growth which has three phases, a growing phase which can last up to eight years, a transitional phase when it stops growing, and a resting phase which lasts two or three months after which it sheds to make room for new hair.

When the shedding is excessive, it can be for a few different reasons. Three reasons why your hair can shed is stress, lack of vitamins, and moisture and protein imbalance. Changes in your body’s physical functions, like irregular sleep or loss of appetite, can be a result of stress. Your body can react to stress by speeding up the resting phase too early, resulting in shedding. Be sure to take care of your stress levels and try to keep it to a minimum if you can. Keeping up with your vitamins is also vital to prevent excessive shedding. Calcium, (broccoli or milk) Iron, (red meat) and Protein, (meat, nuts, and cheese) are essential to prevent shedding! They enrich our blood and ensure our hair grows as it should. Eat well and take supplements if necessary. Using too much moisture in your daily routine can throw off your moisture protein balance. Too much moisture can cause weak hair follicles thus, speeding up the shedding cycle. Protein plays a significant role because it strengthens and fortifies your follicles and tresses! Balance is key to your physical health!

Making sure your hair is healthy takes many forms. One of the ways to stop your hair from shedding is to avoid heat on the hair including, curlers, blow dryers and straightener. If you wish to use products that produce heat, try to use a heat protectant. Dyeing your hair can be fun but using too many chemicals in your hair can cause excessive shedding and breakage. Try to put oils at the roots or ends of your hair to promote health and growth.

Shedding hair is entirely normal and healthy, but excessive shedding can mean that there is an irregularity in your health or mistreatment of your hair and its follicles. If you notice excessive shedding, assess your physical wellness or any activity that could be the cause. Ensuring that you have a vitamin-filled diet and taking proper precautions when changing your hair routine will promote healthy hair cycles.