About half of women will have experienced hair loss by their 50th birthday. 40% of Americans suffering from hair loss are women. During menopause, 4 out of 10 women will suffer from thinning hair.

So why is hair loss still considered a taboo subject for women? There are many topics, particularly medical, that women are discouraged from discussing openly, hair loss included, but there are other factors as well. Most women, regardless of this discouragement, are hesitant to discuss their hair loss for one simple reason: they think they’re alone. 

The numbers speak for themselves! The first thing to realize when you notice symptoms of hair loss is: you are NOT the only woman struggling. 25% of women, regardless of age, have experienced thinning or lost hair. Even celebrities like Sex in the City actress Kristin Davis have admitted to hair loss struggles.

And yet, the conversations are still scarce. As a woman with thinning hair, wouldn’t it help to hear stories from other women like you? And not just any stories, but success stories with suggested solutions! At Allusions, we want to start the conversation, and keep it going, for women everywhere. Here are a few stories from local women of all ages who have struggled with hair loss, and decided to do something about it:

If you’re suffering from hair loss, don’t forget; there are women all over the world who are going through exactly what you’re going through. And if you decide it’s time to take action, Allusions is here to help! Explore our solutions or schedule a free, confidential, no obligation consultation today by calling 513.891.5411.