With many hair loss solutions out there, it can be difficult to even get started looking for a fix to your thinning hair.  One of the most popular Cincinnati hair loss staples is simply shopping for the best wig on the market.  But where should you begin?  Let’s start with a quick overview of wigs.

Wigs and hairpieces continually prove to be an incredibly versatile option for men and women experiencing hair loss. While it may be a temporary hair replacement solution, the freedom to take off and change your hairpiece can feel more comfortable and hygienic for people with sensitive scalps. Surgical or semi-permanent hair loss solutions are excellent choices for those who can afford the upkeep and general maintenance. Still, wigs continue to be the easiest hair systems to clean, style, and change to your liking. There is no risk of damaging your own strands.

Wigs are also a great alternative to treating your real hair with chemicals, such as dyes, bleach, and other beauty products that slowly dry out and weaken hair. The ability to wear different colors and textures each day is a great way to switch up your style without permanent damage.

Costume wigs and synthetic dress-up pieces are often the first things people think of when considering hair replacement options. You won’t find quality wigs in party stores. Finding an establishment that carries a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles is a refreshing feeling, but the options can be overwhelming. Determining your size is far more critical than picking the prettiest wig.

Many who would benefit from wearing a wig are hesitant, usually due to a lack of confidence that a hairpiece will look convincing and natural. While a wig of poor-quality materials will cause this issue, the wrong size can make any hairpiece look unrealistic. Many salons or wig shops can help you measure your head properly, but most people end up “flying blind” their first time. Once you find the perfect fit, it should look indistinguishable from a real head of hair. Human hair wigs are often regarded as the highest quality and most realistic on the market, but modern materials like Cyberhair are game-changing. Most shops will offer a few different brands, but none can beat the variety we have available at Allusions.

Why Should You Go with an Expert?

The size of your wig is not the only important factor when searching for a wig. There are so many different types of wig caps, base materials, and tiny details that can be difficult to grasp when handing it all on your own. A wig or hair expert has the experience to help you find a perfect match based not only on your physical appearance but also your lifestyle and personal needs.

While the titles Sentoo or Private Issue may mean nothing to a first-time wig wearer, an expert in this field can tell you what each brand offers and how it may affect you.

If you are still struggling, shopping for the perfect wig in Cincinnati, come into Allusions, and let our experts help!  Our free no-hassle consultation will set you down the right path with confidence. You will also get to see the results of other satisfied clients. With such a wide variety of brands and high-quality materials, our experts can find the perfect wig for anyone’s daily comfort.