Wigs are the false hair trend of the year. They have proven themselves as beautifully versatile additions to anyone’s everyday approach to fashion.

The ability to switch up a hairstyle each morning can help you feel your best, and modern wigs look realistic as ever. Lace wigs are arguably the best for this very purpose, as they are breathable and comfortable — a good reason they have been trending for a few years now.

Celebrities have become a significant influence on trending wig styles and textures. Many wig copies of their hair are available for purchase by anyone willing to pull it off their own way.

Here are the wig trends for 2019.

Pixie Cuts

Short hair with a big attitude is gaining popularity this year. There are so many ways to wear short wigs, especially if they come with extreme texture.

Pixie cuts with large locks are elegant yet fun and can give you an instant spotlight. If you prefer a less dramatic style, layers and soft waves can give you a glamorous look. Don’t worry about short hair wigs looking fake; there are plenty of real hair products that will still have that natural flow and texture.

Curly or Straight

The best of both extremes are trending today, either super straight or tight, dense curls. Straight hair is often parted in the center and lays along the shoulders like a waterfall. Curly hair, more often than not, is let free to bounce as natural hair would. With a lace front wig, all the best aspects of real hair are present, such as baby hairs and roots. No one would ever guess that it’s not your true hair. Real hair, preferably virgin (untreated by chemicals or hair dye), will make these styles look their best, as the bounce or flow can be very limited by synthetic materials.


Long, natural looking braids are usually achieved with a weave, but wigs make them so much easier to maintain. Unlike weaves, you don’t have to have them redone every two months, and you don’t risk any of the adverse hygiene effects from improper care. In conclusion, braided wigs can look just as natural while saving you a ton of money. Whether you choose braids that are tight and in large numbers or braids that are fuller and soft, you can find a wig that has what would suit your personal fashion sense best.

Asymmetric Bob

This cut looks best straightened and slightly longer than the norm. It’s a show-stopping style, and that’s why it is gaining attention in the media. Pair this with subtle highlights of color or light layers, and you’ve made it a style all your own. That’s the best part about wigs; if they’re made from natural hair, you can cut, color, and treat it just like your own hair.

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