Only a quarter of all adults have no complaints about their physical appearance. There was actually a study about it. Good for them, really. However, that means the other three-quarters of us are less than satisfied when we look in the mirror. We stress about weight, our complexion, wrinkles, teeth, and of course, our hair. We’ve all had good and bad hair days, and we all know how it affects how we feel about ourselves. Losing our hair can take that to another level. Women who are experiencing hair loss often describe it as losing a part of themselves. Men don’t like it much either.

Wigs, for a long time, have been associated with hair loss, so to be recognized as wearing one can leave us feeling vulnerable and embarrassed.

Today, however, all the taboos around wigs, extensions and other hair pieces are fading. Thanks to product improvements and application technologies, hairpieces look no natural that celebrities and models alike are changing their hair as often as their handbags.

The truth is, models, celebrities and other public figures have been wearing hair pieces for a long time. It was part of the mystery and allure of being famous that your hair always looked fantastic. We used to question how they grew it so quickly after cutting it short for the last movie they made. Today’s increased transparency due to social media has made it difficult to keep it a celebrity secret, so now they embrace it. Wigs and hairpieces are now accessories!

As the supermodel, Coco Rocha said “Personally, having worn wigs and hairpieces of all kinds in my line of work, I am totally comfortable using extensions and wigs as a way of accessorizing my look on any given day. We change our makeup daily, why not our hair?”

Paris fashion week 2015, Zendaya rocked three different hairstyles in two days.

Katy Perry wore one hairstyle at the Met Gala only to change it up for the after party.

If you think you can tell the difference between real hair and a wig, or extensions, try this quiz from Life & Style

Celebrity endorsements have entirely altered the attitudes and eliminated the stigmas surrounding wigs. So now if anyone asks, “Are you wearing a wig?” you can confidently answer, “Yes! I just got it last week. Do you like it?”