Constant upkeep and discomfort should not be the hair trend of today. Sure, weaves stay in for a decent amount of time, but the price of getting them changed out every two months adds up.

There are many consequences attached to weaves, no matter how good they may look, compared to the gorgeous simplicity of wigs. Wigs look just as natural and can be switched up much more efficiently. These aren’t your grandmother’s wigs here at Allusions; they can be customized for your head and will set the look for any outfit of the day.

Weave Cons

Aside from the constant upkeep and cost, there are health risks involved if your hairdresser does something wrong during this process. If the hair is braided too tightly, the natural hairs in your scalp could be severely damaged or even lost due to the stress of the braids.

If your hair is already damaged from treating, coloring, or bleaching, it could snap while being bound to the weave. Not to mention the process of washing the braids and your natural hair beneath is quite meticulous. You’re not supposed to clean your scalp too thoroughly, and showers with weaved braids are recommended only once or twice a week to ensure they stay tied in tightly. For many people, more than two days without a wash can lead to an excess of oils and general discomfort.

Wigs Versatility

There’s no better part of the day than choosing which outfit to sport for work, school, or just out on the town. It’s an unbeatable way to express yourself without words, and we all know hair is most certainly part of the outfit. It brings a look together and sets the mood you want the world to see. The ability to change the length, shape, color, and texture of your hair quickly allows you to match your clothes to your most personal accessory.

Natural Beauty

Lace wigs have made it to the top of the trend chain for one significant reason; they’re very realistic especially if it’s natural hair rather than synthetic. The main advantage of a lace wig is the lack of a harsh hair-to-skin gap; it blends in naturally. This type also solves one big issue had with other wigs, they’re breathable and don’t hold too much heat during the summer or indoors.

You can find wigs with all kinds of textures and styles to get the most out of your uses, but the best part about natural hair wigs is that you can dye and style them to your heart’s content. That includes straightening, curling, cutting, and bleaching. The professionals here at Cincinnati Hair Loss will save you money compared to paying significantly more for every weave. Weigh your options, but be certain you’re not only making the right decision for your wallet but your scalp as well.  Call Allusions today!