The world of hair replacement for women has rapidly expanded in the last fifty or so years. Alternatives to simple cosmetic clip-ins and stuffy wigs have opened up to the general public and dramatically improved the comfort of any woman seeking hair loss solutions. Options range from expensive, salon-exclusive treatments to at-home kits, with one of the bigger discussions being hair extensions vs. wigs.

While technology and years of research have brought a wider variety of hair loss solutions, two classics still top the list. Hair extensions and wigs now cater towards a much larger audience of women while also being more readily available at your local beauty supply store. With so many options available at your fingertips, it can be easy for both online and in-store sellers to give you false information just to make an extra buck. Be sure to thoroughly evaluate your own needs before shopping around. Better yet, book an appointment with your dermatologist or hairstylist and get professional advice.

Both extensions and wigs come in many unique forms to suit the needs of different people. Human hair is the most realistic and easiest material to care for, as opposed to synthetic hair. Usually, on the cheaper end, synthetic hair is made from man-made fibers like acrylic or nylon. It cannot be dyed or styled quite as natural hair can.

Benefits of Hair Extensions

While long and volumizing, hair extensions are not effective against anything more than thinning or minor bald patches. Their purpose is to seamlessly add volume or length to your existing hair, meaning color and texture match is crucial when choosing extensions.

Depending on how a hair extension needs to be installed, it can last up to eight weeks. You should be able to freely wash and style your hair throughout its lifespan.

A few types of extensions differ based on how they are installed within the hair, all of them with unique lifespans and benefits.

  • Clip-ins are common for synthetic and costume extensions and are not meant to stay in long term. They can be reapplied whenever necessary. There are certainly high-quality clip-ins that use human hair, which are best suited for women who don’t need to wear them consistently.
  • Glue/Tape-ins stay in from four to eight weeks before falling out. They are favored for their longevity and realism. The strip of tape or adhesive should not be visible even in an updo.
  • Sew-in extensions use a method of braiding and threading the extensions into the original hair. This makes the extensions very strong and long-lasting. They need to be taken out after six to eight weeks of wear but can be changed out afterward.

Benefits of Wigs

Wigs are meant for covering the entire scalp and replacing all of the wearer’s original hair. Human hair wigs are sought after for how convincing they look, even to friends and family. Just like your natural hair, these wigs can be styled and washed normally. Synthetic hair wigs of high quality are available, but they don’t look as realistic. Nevertheless, they are more affordable than any human hair wig.

Another detail to consider is the material of the cap. This factor can determine how comfortable the wig will be and how seamlessly the hairline will blend with your scalp.

  • Lace or mesh caps are the most breathable and are favored for the illusion of a hairline they create. Wigs made with these materials are more expensive but highly recommended.
  • Polyurethane is a thin, skin-like material that should match the wearer’s skin tone. It is usually the cheapest material because it is not very comfortable for long periods of wear. It tends to trap sweat and heat against the scalp.
  • Combination style wig caps usually use lace at the hairline and a less breathable material for the rest of the scalp. This way, the wig is more affordable but still creates the illusion of completely natural hair.

The discussion of hair extensions vs. wigs will forge ahead for many, many years, but the true answer to which is superior is simply what is best for you.  And for that, we can help!  Schedule your FREE consultation with Allusions today, and let us help you determine your best hair loss solution!