Women’s Hair ReplacementsHair loss is a problem that over half of the country’s population suffers from. There are numerous causes of hair loss among women, the most common being fluctuations in hormones, medical side effects, and genetics. With so many ways of developing it, knowing some women’s hair replacements can bring some peace of mind.

Hair replacements are capable of adding volume, length and covering up balding areas without surgical procedures. Depending on the replacement method, your new hair can either be worn for extended periods or can be easily taken off and adjusted.


Hair extensions are best for women with thinning hair or small areas of lost hair. Most people are familiar with cheap costume extensions that look unrealistic and unflattering, but quality extensions are offered in nearly every beauty store and salon. Synthetic hair extensions are more affordable and easier to find. Still, nothing looks quite as convincing as extensions made with real human hair.

There are a few different ways that you or your stylist can apply extensions.

  • Clip-ins are the most popular because they allow you to remove and adjust each extension easily, but the clips can look a bit bulky under thin hair.
  • Tape-in extensions are not adjustable after application, but they will last for three to four weeks, even in the shower! You can try to put these in yourself, but a professional can do a much better job of placement and blending them into your actual hair.
  • Sew-ins are more commonly known as weaves and should definitely be applied by a professional. These extensions are very realistic and easy to manage because your natural hair is kept out of the way. Your natural hair is braided in rows close to the scalp before the new hair is sewn into them. This way, the new hair will follow a realistic growth pattern. These extensions cannot be moved or adjusted easily, but they last up to eight weeks.


For more advanced hair loss or thinning, wigs cover the entire scalp. One of the most common complaints about wigs is discomfort. Getting a high-quality wig that fits your head well can make a massive difference in both appearance and how it feels throughout the day. Like extensions, human hair wigs will look and feel just as real as your own head, while synthetic hair cannot be styled as much and holds more heat. There are so many types of wigs to choose from; getting help from a professional stylist can pave the right path for your scalp.

ReAllusions Solutions

One of our many solutions for women with baldness or thinning hair is ReAllusions hair extensions. These extensions are perfect for women who may not be candidates for surgical hair restoration methods but wish for a similar effect. Instead of tape or clips, ReAllusions extensions are secured by a skin-like membrane that adheres to the scalp and blends in instantly. They can withstand high-impact activities. Women wearing these extensions can freely exercise, shower, style, swim, and enjoy other high-impact activities! Depending on your lifestyle and how you care for them, these extensions can last from four to six weeks.

Allusions can help you with your hair loss.  With so many women’s hair replacements, we’d love to show you what will work for you!  Contact us today for your FREE consultation.