Hair Transplants

Understand your Options

Hair transplants are one of the most diverse and customizable hair loss replacement procedures available for women. This time-tested method is one of the most common treatments for female pattern baldness.

Hair transplants are surgical procedures that require the hand of an expert surgeon. Allusions partners with expert surgeons at Transitions Hair Restoration. These surgeons understand the nuances of how to customize your look to fit your specific needs. Women experience hair loss differently, and not every hair line is the same. The surgeons at Transitions Hair Restoration have successfully performed thousands of hair transplant procedures. They are experts at completing hair transplants for women that creates a look to fit individual needs. Hair transplants are customized based on hair type, general health, age, degree of hair loss and the patient’s goals.

What are hair transplants?

Hair transplant surgery takes donor hair from an area of thick growth and transplants it to a bald or thinning area on the scalp. These hair grafts contain healthy follicles that grow on the recipient site on the patient’s scalp. Hundreds or thousands of individual hairs may be transplanted during a single session. Transitions’ surgeons transplant hair in natural groupings of up to three follicles within one graft, which mimics the scalp’s natural growth pattern. This advanced technique makes hair look like it is growing naturally out of your head.

Let us help you

We understand hair restoration and treatment options can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re happy to answer any questions you may have as well as provide additional information about hair transplants. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation today, please call 513.891.5411.